Balayage, Highlights, Color...

"The best color in the world is the one that looks good on you. "- Coco Chanel

Balayage - that's behind the hair trend

The color technique trend of the hour conjures a very individual wow effect into the hair and looks completely natural. Find out everything about balayage: how it works, how it differs from the ombré look, and above all: what type of hair the balayage technique is for.

 A gentle, highlighted gradient is made from the dark approach to the lighter point. It can be made in all possible colors.


Thanks to several training courses, we can offer a clean balayage in various techniques, matching your wishes and your face. including Olaplex


When the hair becomes the canvas: like so many great fashion and beauty trends, the balayage technique also comes from France. French hairdressers have had the dyeing technique, in which the hair is “painted” with a brush, in their range for a long time. In this country, balayage has only recently become popular. It comes from the French verb "balayer", which roughly means "to sweep" and refers to the method with which the highlights are worked into the hair.


With the conventional hairline technique (foil technique), individual sections of hair are separated, colored from the roots to the tips and wrapped with foil. With the balayage technique, on the other hand, the strands of hair are taken loosely in the hand and painted with the color, similar to a sweeping movement. In this way, color mixtures of different intensities can be created, which conjure up a lively look. The hairline remains largely untouched with balayage; The color is applied lengthways and especially in the tips, most of all in the areas that frame the face. With balayage hair you can emphasize perfectly contours and achieve great effects. The transitions between the tinted strands are flowing and soft, so that the result looks very natural - and suits every hair type.


The targeted application or brushing of the color (s) using the balayage technique creates fine to strong contrasts in the hair that visually create or reduce volume - depending on your needs and hair type. The play of colors of different nuances, of light and dark also results in the flattering contouring effect. The trend in which facial features are shown in the right light with the targeted use of make-up also works with balayage hair. If certain areas are to be emphasized, such as the cheekbones, the hair at the same height is accentuated with a light color. In the same way, darker parts of the hair can narrow areas of the face. With targeted strands you can model and contour the face in such a nuanced way.


Highlights / Méches

Highlights / Meshes put your hair in the right light. With color accents and subtle fine highlights, your hair color becomes a streak color experience. 


With our advice and tips, your meshes will remain a long-runner. Now it is hip to combine a wide variety of colors, tones and mech technologies. So you get a tailor-made hair color that suits you individually. 


Which method is right for you? We set color accents that flatter your face and skin color.

Simple color


Do you just want to dye? 

That is also possible! including Olaplex


Care instructions


You need to use professional products. We recommend our Schwarzkopf Professional brand, as hairdressing products generally contain high-quality water-soluble silicones. Cheap products contain water-insoluble silicones, which means that every time you wash your hair, you create a thicker layer of silicone around your hair and dry out internally.

There is a risk that hair that is full of water-insoluble silicones will accept the colors poorly and negatively affect the durability.

If your hair is already damaged, colors will hold you up less well, the more you care for your hair, the more beautiful your color will look.


Blondton specialties

Blonde colors tend to get a yellow tinge from pollution and the sun, which is a natural bleach for hair. A silver shampoo can be recommended, which neutralizes the yellow tinge with violet pigments.


Unnatural colors

Colors that do not come naturally, such as red, blue, pink, gray etc. just don't hold up well and wash off quickly.

You almost have to use a color-pigmented care product or shampoo.


We would be happy to advise you personally at the appointment so that you can enjoy your new hair color as long as possible.


I don't like it

Customer satisfaction is very important to us, so we would like to point out that if you have change requests, please contact us within 7 days of complaint and the right to object. 


If an error occurs on our side, this correction is free of charge, otherwise it will be billed. Results exactly like in a photo are not possible, please consider that this person may have a completely different hair structure and photos from the Internet are often edited. 


We are happy to take them as an example, but will be more than happy to take the time to advise you personally based on your initial situation and hair structure.


Color with olaplex

Olaplex hair care - for you


The innovative Olaplex products are based on a unique active ingredient that acts as a bond enhancer and repairs and strengthens broken disulfide bridges in the hair that are damaged during chemical applications and when styling. The silicone- and oil-free, professional hairdressing products Olaplex hair care No. 1 & 2 are among others Offered as a pure Olaplex Rebuild Treatment or added to other treatments such as Olaplex bleaching, Olaplex balayage or Olaplex hair color, in order to proactively prevent hair damage.

Keratin treatment

The original keratin straightening comes from Brazil and is supposed to bring our hair what many of us want: smooth, shiny hair without having to tame it with a straightening iron after every wash.


 So as not to give you false hopes: Keratin straightening cannot permanently straighten your hair either. Nevertheless, straightening with the miracle cure keratin lasts for a few months and makes your hair look beautifully shiny during this time. Curly hair does not lose its curls, but they get a nice shine.

Our price includes a keratin shock therapy, which is the keratin diluted with water. If you like the new shine in your hair, we would be happy to inspire you for a proper keratin treatment.