Hair thickening & hair extension with keratin bonding or tape-in

"No woman gets too cold in her most beautiful dress. " - Coco Chanel

Hair extensions - this is how it works

The bonding method 


Strand by strand, a strand of Russian premium human hair is attached to your natural hair with a keratin bond. With this method, the weight of the hair is evenly distributed and so, if used correctly, no one's own hair is torn out. The extension device heats up to 160 °. As a comparison, an ordinary straightening iron / curling iron also gets hottet. This is the most beautiful hair extension method currently available. 


The tape-in method 


3-4cm wide adhesive pads are stuck together and the hair extensions are attached in between. This method is well suited for short hair or customers who like to change color. However, it doesn't last for all hair and skin types. This should therefore be tested first with a test strand.

Hair extensions - that's how long they last

The bonding method


The hair extension can be worn for 4 - 6 months.

It is theoretically possible to use the hair again, but it is cheaper to take new hair straight away.


It is advisable to make a cleaning cut at least every 3 months, 100 hairs are naturally lost per day and they get caught in the keratin bonding. With the cleaning cut, this hair is removed and it is more comfortable to wear.


It is normal that strands fall out during the wearing period, usually 0-12 fall out in this 6 months, if your hair has a quick hair change it can affect up to 30 strands.


They are removed with the solvent from and by breaking open the adhesive points with pliers and pulling off the strand of natural hair without losing your own hair. Combing out the glue residue and sticks can be uncomfortable.


The tape-in method


You can leave it in for 1-3 months, after which it should be taken out and the "adhesive strips" can be renewed and reinserted.


They are removed with the solvent from and by pulling them apart, combing out the adhesive residue can be uncomfortable.


After taking it out, it is normal for the hair to feel slightly sticky for up to a week, the finest adhesive particles cannot be removed by simply combing them out and must be shampooed out.

Hair extensions - care instructions

Brushing & Combing

In order to comb and brush your hair gently, we advise you to sort it daily. To do this, place your fingers between the modulating point and the scalp and then run through the hair up to the ends of the hair. Please never comb or brush your hair when it is completely wet, always only when it is damp or dried / dry! Wavy hair should only be brushed after shampooing, as excessive brushing will cause the curls to become frizzy. Use the extension brush for morning care. To do this, moisten the strands of real hair and knead the curls a little. Straight hair should be combed well in the morning and evening. Hold the strands of real hair at the hairline and brush gently and without tearing from the tips to the hairline.


Chlorine & salt water

Sea water, sauna, chlorinated water is a big problem for your natural hair and extensions. It is best to use a hair mask before bathing, do a braid and so you can go into the water. Afterwards, wash out thoroughly with shampoo and please do not forget the conditioner & oil.

Don't leave your hair loose or in a bun for bathing.



You need to use professional products. We recommend our Schwarzkopf Professional brand, as hairdressing products generally contain high-quality water-soluble silicones. Cheap products contain water-insoluble silicones, which means that every time you wash your hair, you create a thicker layer of silicone around your hair and dry out internally. Since the extensions do not get any nutrients from the scalp, it is particularly important to pay attention to this. Warning, there is no such thing as "silicone-free", as silicone is nothing more than a glossy layer and is found in almost every shampoo.


Hair washing & styling

You shouldn't wash or blow dry your hair upside down. When styling with a straightening iron or curling iron, please ensure that you do not follow the glued areas at the roots and that you use heat protection.


Tape-in specialties

With tape-in, you must also ensure that the approaches to the adhesive are always dried and never comb through when wet. The glue is very sensitive when wet and can even slip out.

You must not let grease and oily products get to the adhesive base.

The glue can feel slightly sticky when you put it in.


The hair quality

100% Russian premium human hair

Full and dense to the tips

100% intact cuticle

Straight or wavy possible

Up to 80cm overall result possible


The hair behaves like your own hair.


They were colored in a special process, which means that the colors last a long time, but they can also wash out a little.


They're not chemically stretched or permed, that's how it looks natural.


Important, please note our length information!

Every hairdresser calculates it differently, so we explain the difference between the sales product and the overall hair extension result.

The length of our extensions is measured from the top of the head at the top of the head, so the result is exactly as desired and can be measured beforehand at home, the hair extensions themselves are therefore a bit shorter, we calculate the end result as 50cm - 80cm depending on your request and agreement.

We have 50cm and 65cm in stock, which are selected and cut according to your desired length.

50cm hair extension comes approx. To the waist / hollow cross

80cm hair extension comes around the hip / buttocks

In our shop we offer 50cm and 65cm, this is the sales length.

As a “hair extension” service, we expect an overall result from the parting approach with natural hair. If you don't want to cut your hair, the total result can be over 80cm, depending on how deep it was inserted.


Color selection:

In keratin bonding and tape-in, we have a large selection of 50cm and 80cm natural tones from black to white blonde and bright colors.

The wavy and curly hair are currently only partially in natural colors in 50cm in stock, if you are interested we can order on request.


Cleaning cut

What is meant by cleaning cut


- We cut out the "dead" hair and remove sticks 

- We cut away the split ends and the dry ends 


The correct result is only visible after the natural hair and extensions have been washed once, if you still have customization requests, we offer the following: 

- Put in more strands or take them out within 7 days. 


You have the right to general complaints and objections within 7 days.


Both techniques used

Tape-in method


Keratin Bonding method

The color choice